Rising Darkness (Rylee Adamson #9) - Page 62

“She’s stronger than me. Pamela. Remember, to heal, you have to give up a piece of yourself. You have to stop being afraid of the power.” She turned to look at Pamela.

Pamela nodded and then she screamed as Milly stiffened. Orion’s voice slipped out of her. “Oh, that is not going to happen. First things first.”

She flicked her hands at the two vampires, fireballs leaping toward them. They bounced out of the way. I ran straight down the center toward Orion, blades out.

I wasn’t fast enough.

He pulled a power pole out of the ground and swung it toward me like gigantic baseball bat. I saw the trajectory, knew that even if I leapt there was no way I would make it. The last second, I knew we were done. We couldn’t beat him.

I was going to die.

A black, furry body shoved me out of the way, taking the hit for me.

“ALEX!” I screamed his name as Pamela had screamed Frank’s. Rolling to my feet, the dark body still where the power pole had dropped him. No movement. Nothing.

Pamela strode past me, headed for Orion. “This time, it’s my turn, Rylee.”

I wanted to argue with her to tell her she was too young. I stepped back. “Kick his ass, Pam.”

“With pleasure.”



I didn’t fling my hands at Orion, didn’t even twitch my fingers. But the power ripped out of me, raced toward him, and he barely caught it in time. Thoughts moved faster than hands and fingers, and my thoughts hammered Orion with a speed he couldn’t match.

Lightning danced in front of me, flames shot from him toward me, scorching the ground. Magic thickened the air, making it hard to breathe.

But I didn’t hold back. I put everything I had into putting him down. I wouldn’t let him hurt my family again. Not if I had anything to say about it.

Orion’s eyes never left mine. “I should have stayed in your body when I had the chance.”

“You would never bend me to

you.” The words left my mouth and I knew they were true. I wasn’t Milly.

Orion could have never tamed me.

Adrenaline coursed through my veins. I lifted my hands, and the wind picked up. I would steal his breath, just like the elemental had tried to do with me.

Black and red eyes narrowed. “Oh no you don’t.”

Skirts swishing, he ran toward me, Milly’s hair trailing out behind. From the corner of my eye, I saw Rylee darting in and I knew what she was trying to do. If she got her hands on Milly’s body, she could act as a disruptor, her immunity nullifying the magic.

The copper knife was in Orion’s hand as he raised it, eyes glittering as he stared at Rylee.

Rylee’s left side open to him.

Blaz’s words to me.

Rylee comes first.

I leapt forward, magic forgotten as I tackled Orion. The copper knife drove into my belly, tearing a scream from my throat.

But still, I didn’t let go. I rolled with him, taking him away from Rylee. It was the best I could do. The last I could do.

Below us, the ground gave a mighty thump, heaving and shaking. Another elemental? The distraction slowed everyone. Hands grabbed me, yanking me from Orion. Only, it wasn’t Orion anymore.

Milly stared up at us, her green eyes dull. “The veil is open. Orion is free.”

Behind her hovered his spirit. He was huge, tall and wide, muscle-bound. He grinned. “Ah, well I’d love to continue this, but I have things to do. A new body to possess. Babies to find.” He gave a slow wink. “Milly, I’ll be back for you, darling. Just wait for me. And Rylee, your Marcella, has she your hair color or the wolf’s? Never mind, I’ll find out for myself soon enough. Tian Shan waits for me.”

His image wavered and he was gone. Escaped again.

Orion’s words chilled me. “He knows where they are.”

Milly struggled to her knees, crawling over to Pamela. She healed her, then sat back, and crossed her legs. “Rylee, it’s


I shook my head. “No, it isn’t.” I would not kill her. I would not take her head. Holy fucking hell, Orion knew where my daughter was. I had to go. I had to stop him. But how? Blaz was out of commission, Eve wasn’t fast enough. A plane, I would have to take a plane. I checked my weapons as I spoke. “You’re strong enough to face him. We have to get Zane and Marcella. Now.”

She shook her head, long brown curls floating around her face. “I’m not strong enough and none of you are safe when I am here. I cannot be trusted because I can’t stop him. He left because he has a better body waiting for him. That doesn’t mean he won’t be back.”

Faris stepped up beside her then crouched. “Milly. We still need you.” That wasn’t Faris, but Liam. Hoping we could convince her. She shook her head. “No. You don’t need me at all. Pamela is the witch who will help you. Faris can jump the veil. He can get you to the babies in time.”

This was all happening so fucking fast.

I looked at Faris, seeing Liam there so clearly in the golden rim around the bright blue iris. “Go, get the babies, bring them back. Berget, go with him.”

He flicked his hand, and a slash opened in the air. On the other side was the interior of the monastery. Tian Shan. The place I’d hidden while pregnant. The place I’d left my daughter to be safe and sound.

And now she was in more danger than she had ever been in her short life.

Berget and Faris ran through the slash connecting here and there, and it closed behind them. For just a moment, I thought I smelled wood smoke but it was gone in an instant. Please, please let them be safe. Let the babies be safe. To not go after them myself, that was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do. Liam was there, though; he would get them out and make sure they were safe. And I wasn’t finished here, not by a long shot.