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The Rocker That Holds Me (The Rocker #1)

The Rocker That Holds Me (The Rocker #1)

Author: Terri Anne Browning

Category: New Adult, Romance,

Series: The Rocker

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Touring with four rockers is the thing of dreams…   At least that is what people tell me. To me those four rockers are my family. They have watched over me from the time I was five years old. Protecting me from my mother and her drunken, drug addict rages. When they made it big they still watched over me. And when my monster of a mother died they took over as my guardians.   In the six years since that happened I have watched over the four men that  mean everything to me. I take care of them just as they once took care of me. I handle all the dirty work behind the scenes of a rockers life. It isn’t always pretty. At times it came be damn near disgusting, especially when I have to get rid of their one night stands. Ugh!   Taking care of them doesn’t bother me though. I mean it’s not like I’m in love with one of them. That would be crazy. Falling for a rocker is NOT smart.    Okay, so I’m not smart. I love my guys, and one of them kind of holds my heart in his big old rocker hand. But I’m dealing. I’ve been able to keep it my little secret for years now.  I’m not, however, dealing with this bug that I seem to have caught. It scares the hell out of me. I hate doctors, but I’m suddenly more worried about finding out what is wrong with me than what the doctor might do to me.    When I get my test results back my life will never be the same again…     ***Because of language and adult situations not suitable for readers under 17***

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